StudioCanal’s screening of Swallows and Amazons (1974) at Hackney PictureHouse


StudioCanal, who distribute the 1974 feature film of Swallows & Amazons (U), have a huge treat in store for film fans:

40th Anniversary Restoration of SWALLOWS & AMAZONS, starring Virginia McKenna and based on Arthur Ransome’s classic novel, will be released on brand new Special Edition DVD and first ever Blu-ray release on 4th August! Pre-order your copy here:  Special anniversary screenings will be taking place – ” 

Hackney Picture House drawing

The Hackney PictureHouse will host the first London screening with Q&A by me, Sophie Neville, on Thursday 31st July at 11.00am. Please click here for details.   Do join us!

Hackney Picture House exterior

It has been a difficult secret to keep. Virginia McKenna, Suzanna Hamilton and I were interviewed for the DVD extras, which I believe also feature Christina Hardyment exploring the film locations this summer while imparting information about Arthur Ransome who drew on his own childhood holidays in the Lake District to add detail and authenticity to the original story.

The 16mm behind-the-scenes footage that my parents took when they were with us on location back in 1973 was handed over to the technicians to use in the extras package. I haven’t seen the finished version yet, although I did record a commentary to explain what was going on.

StudioCanal DVD cover

What do you think of the cover?

There will be a number in Cumbria this August.  Please go to Sophie’s Events Page for details.

To read the press release please click here.

Author: Sophie Neville

Writer and charity fundraiser

15 thoughts on “StudioCanal’s screening of Swallows and Amazons (1974) at Hackney PictureHouse”

  1. I wish I were in England right now and able to attend a big screen viewing of the film. There’s something about the shared experience of seeing a movie in a cinema! This is true even if you are watching an old favourite, and especially if you are surrounded by first time viewers! Enjoy yourself Sophie! I’ll just have to console myself with my new, signed copy of The Making of Swallows and Amazons. It’s a treasure!

  2. I agree, about seeing the film on the big screen. I really hope I can experience it before too long!

      1. Yes, I think we’ve talked about this before. I am going to speak to Lakeland Arts when I get back home.

              1. I shall enquire about it when I speak to them about the possibility of screening Swallows and Amazons; hopefully with Q & A hosted by yourself if you can be persuaded!

  3. The slide show on making the old film can be better that a screening + Q&A, which ends up taking nearly 3 hours if the audience is made up of people who all know the old film well.

    1. I see your point. I might, in that case, suggest the slide show, with a screening + Q&A as an alternative. I will perhaps talk to you again about this before I speak to Lakeland Arts.

      1. I actually give a ‘Power point presentation’ using behind the scenes photos featured in my book. I usually bring some of the flags and movie props along and people can see what the original script looked like. It take 45 minutes plus questions (or however long the organisers want the talk to be.) Sometimes we have a screening on Night One and the talk on Night Two. They can be very popular if well publicized. Up to 250 people come to each screening.

        1. This sounds brilliant. I get back home next Wednesday. I will let you know before I ring them.

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