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  Great Rides

Sophie is currently getting a group together for The Waterberg Trust Ride through Mashutu in South Botswana in February/March 2023

Sophie Neville completing TWT ride 2019

Please click here for highlights of The Waterberg Trust challenge ride 2019

TWT Ride Day 4

The Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride 2018 in South Africa

TWT Ride 2018 Sophie Neville with giraffe at Ant's Nest - photo Ant Baber

Sophie Neville riding with giraffe

TWT Ride 2018 Sophie Neville with 14 riders

Riding through Sicily 2021


Riding in Rajistan 2019

Sophie riding in India 2

Riding along the Transkei coast 2018

Sophie riding on the wild coast 2018

Riding across Andalucia, from Seville to the Atlantic with Ride Worldwide

Sophie Neville riding from Hacienda de Torrequemada 2017

 The Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride 2017

TWT Ride reaching Jembisa 2017

Riding across the Waterberg in South Africa


– think of joining us in 2023

Sophie Neville and wildebeeste

-Sophie Neville riding at Ant’s Nest-

Georgia:  Riding towards the Armenian border

Riding past the monestry

Tanzania: Riding through Arusha National Park

Sophie riding in Arusha Nat Park

South Africa:   The Waterberg Charity Ride 2015

Sophie and Sparky

If you are able to sponsor me to keep going, please click on the photo below!


February 2015  ~  Mozambique Horse Safari along the coast at Vilanculos.


Uruguay 2013 ~  Riding along the Atlantic coast.


 South Africa: The Waterberg 2014, riding with Horizon Horseback Adventures

Shane Dowinton of Horizon Horseback Adventures in the Waterberg

South Africa: The Waterberg 2014, riding with Anthony Baber at Ant’s Nest and Ant’s Hill.

Riding at Ant's Nest in South Africa

Namibia: Across the Namib Desert, a ride of 400kms to the Skeleton Coast.  

Sophie Neville in Namibia
Reaching the Skeleton Coast at Swakopmund having ridden 400kms across Namibia
Botswana: Okavango Delta with Kerr & Downey and African Horseback Safaris 
Sophie Neville in the Okavango
In the western Okavango Delta, Botswana

Swaziland: leading an expedition to ride in the moutains and game reserves of Swaziland.

Riding in Swaziland
Riding in Swaziland ~ photo: Anne Lester
Sophie Neville with Billy Swanepoel in Songimvelo
Patrolling the Swaziland border with Billy Swanepoel

South Africa: Patrolling the Swaziland border with Billy Swanepoel and Wayne Hendry.

Kenya: the Masia Mara riding with Tony Church

Sophie Neville in the Masai Mara, Kenya
When riding across the Masai Mara, Kenya

Mauritius: riding with Lindy Hill

South Africa: Mpumalanga riding in Songimvelo with Sarah-Jane Gullick

Sophie Neville at Touchstone with white rhino

South Africa: The Palala River, leading riding safaris with Equus Horse Safaris on Touchstone Game Reserve  with Wayne Hendry

Sophie Neville on Touchstone
Leading horseback safaris on Touchstone Game Reserve in the Waterberg, Limpopo Province, South Africa

Sophie Neville painting by the Palala River

Botswana: The Okavango Delta riding in the western delta with PJ and Barney Bestilink   

Sophie Neville in the Okavango Delta
In the western Okavango

           Bostwana: Makgadigadi Panswalking and riding horses from Jacks Camp  

At a bobab tree Livingstone once camped under on the edge of the Mkgadigadi Pans


Zimbabwe: riding in the Eastern Highlands

Sophie Neville in the Ethiopian Highlands

Ethiopia: Addis Ababa to the Blue Nile, riding with Yves Stranger

Sophie Neville in Ethiopia
Riding in the Ethiopian Highlands ~ photo: Sophie Neville

Turkey: Istanbul and Cappadocia, riding to the rock-hewn churches

On a horse through Cappadocia ~ Sophie Neville with her Arab

New Zealand and Australia: on mission with YWAM, riding in the Southern Alps and beyond Queenstown

Sophie Neville in Chile
Sophie Neville in Chile whilst riding across the Andes

Argentina and Chile: Across the Andes, a ride with Tristan Williams

Across South America: a Trans-Continental ride of 750kms with Simon and Tristian Williams

Sophie Neville in Puerto Madryn
Sophie Neville riding across Patagonia using traditional equipment albeit with a modern Champion hot weather helmet

Future projects: A ride of 1,000 miles through Patagonia.

A sponsored ride across the Waterberg Plateau in aid of the Waterberg Welfare Society

~ if you’d like to know more contact

Sophie in Ethiopia
Sophie Neville descending into hell


Montenegro: A voyage down the coast in a 1908 motor yacht

Sophie Neville in Montenegro
Sophie Neville with the crew of ML Lallie and her family

Greece: A voyage from Corfu along the coast of Greece with Rebecca Hunter and Eliza King

Egypt: The Nile by steamboat , the SS Karim, from Luxor to Aswan and beyond.

Sophie Neville at Aswan
Sophie Neville having sailed down the Nile to Aswan

Papua New Guinea: an expedition to the islands with Matthew Jebb and Jonathan Kingdom

Jonathan Kingdom with Sophie Neville in Matthew Jebb's boat, Papua New Guinea
Collecting botanical samples with the zoological artist Jonathan Kingdom and a botanical artist from Kew in Matthew Jebb’s banana boat at the Christensen Research Institute near Madang in Papua New Guinea
The guest house where we stayed in Kar-Kar and island off Papua New Guinea
The house where we stayed on Karkar, a remote volcanic island off Papua New Guinea, where we went to study tree marsupials known as cus-cus. I later found myself on a mission with a family from Karkar who were amazed to hear I had spent time there.

Botswana: exploring the Boro River by dug-out canoe

Bird watching on the Boro River in Botswana with Jez Lye

Australia: driving from Sydney to Cairns

Diving on the Great Barrier Reef
Diving on the Great Barrier Reef

and diving on the Great Barrier reef

Sophie Neville in Queensland
Sophie Neville sailing from Queensland at dawn

Zambia: Canoeing down the Zambezi to the lip of Victoria Falls with Ben Parker


Morocco: Across the Atlas Mountains: a bird watching expedition with Alastair Fothergill

Uganda and Zaire: an expedition to the rainforests of central Africa in search of okapi, chimpanzees and other primates with Alastair Fothergill

Sophie Neville crossing the Sahara Desert
Sophie Neville crossing the Sahara Desert 1985

London- Johannesburg:  Young Europe Africa,  an expedition led by Charlie Mayhew

32 young Europeans for eight different countries spent six months driving down through Africa.

Sophie made a 30 min documentary on the expedition’s aid projects in Kenya.

It was screened on Chanel 4 entitled Out of Europe into Africa.  

Having driven from London to Maun. We drove on to Johannesburg, a journey of about 10,000 miles.


Waterberg for Jesus : helping a non-denominational mission for the upliftment of the people of the Waterberg over ten years whilst based at Triple B Ranch in South Africa.

Packed with aid for Mozambique ~ Sophie Neville in the first Green Machine
Taking medicines and aid into war-torn Mozambique

Mozambique: a mission to supply Mafoga Orphanage after the civial war.

With a hygene chart
Sophie Neville with a hygene chart at Mafora Christian Mission in Mozambique ~ photo: Rebecca Hunter
Sophie Neville in Mozambique
Sophie Neville in Mozambique

Mozambique: an Easter mission to Xai-Xai with The First Baptist Church.

Sophie Neville in Mosambique with the First Baptist Church
Teaching embroidery on a mission with the First Baptist Church to Mozambique

Sophie Neville in Mozambique with the First Baptist Church

New Zealand and Eastern Australia: with YWAM

Sophie Neville riding in New Zealand
Sophie Neville riding in New Zealand

China: Bible Society delegation to Beijing, Nanjing, X’ian and Shanghai with Sue Wilmot

Sophie Neville in China
Sophie Neville about to board the high speed train for Shang’hai

Other Journeys~

Botswana and Namibia: The Chobe and the Carprivi Strip, on a horse safari recce

Botswana: The Tuli Block – walking in the land where three countries meet with Andrew Gilfilan 

Botswana: Moremi and walking in the Okavango

Sophie Neville
Sophie Neville in the vehicle that was submerged in Moremi. The shoes were later stolen in Mosambique, the Toyota in Johannesburg ~ photo: Rebecca Hunter

Botswana: the Kalhari with Alastair Torr

Sophie Neville looking at a Brown Heyena den in the Klahari
Sophie Neville looking at a Brown Heyena den in the Klahari

South Africa: From Jembisa to the Kruger Park to watch the eclipse.

South Africa: From Cape Town up the West Coast, to the Ceres Mountains with Fred Stow  and Josie Stow

Sophie Neville in Mosambique
Sophie Neville driving through Africa ~ photo: Rebecca Hunter

Zimbabwe and Botswana: Victoria Falls, through the Savuti to Maun with Grant Truthe and Daphne Wilmot

Game viewing in the Chobe
Game viewing on the Chobe floodplain, Botswana

Malawi: The Nyika Plateau, planning horse safaris with David Foot 

Namibia: Across Damaraland to the Sketeton Coast with Blythe Loutit & the game scouts of Save the Rhino Trust    

Kenya and Tanzania: game viewing and coffee farming with Tony Maxtone-Mailer

Botswana, Namibia, South Africa: alone with a paintbrush,  driving 8,000 kms and taking on commissions from the Gobabeb Training and Reserch Centre, Blythe Loutit, and later for Wilderness Safaris at Ongava Game Reserve

Driving up the east coast of Australia from Sydeny to Cairns to dive on the Great Barrier Reef

Painting on the east coast of Australia ~

Singapore and Thailand:

Sophie Neville in Thailand ~
Sophie Neville in Thailand
Sophie Neville at the Cabbage Patch Palace
At the Cabbage Patch Palace

Western Eire: A bio-population study of County Kerry executed with Diana Vernon              

Norway and Denmark: with Nick Archer

Sophie Neville in Copenhagen
Sophie Neville in Copenhagen


Spain and Italy: experimental trips to Andalucia and Sicilly with JC Journeys  

Sophie Neville in Sicilly on a recce for JC Journeys

The Red Sea an expedition with Rupert Wieloch and the British Army Sub-Aqua Diving Club

Sophie Neville visiting the Welsh Guards in Belize 2008
Sophie Neville with the Regimental Sgt Major of the Welsh Guards

Belize: Jungle warfare and survial with the Welsh Guards

Sophie Neville ~ Riding in Patagonia
Sophie Neville ~ Riding in Patagonia

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9 thoughts on “Voyages”

  1. Wow, Sophie, you are prolific with everything you do! These are inspiring pictures and you have shared your travel experiences every time with your writings!

  2. What a well-travelled and adventurous person you are, Sophie. Your writings and photographs are indeed inspiring; thank you for sharing them with us.

  3. Picking just one is very tricky as there isn’t one voyage that doesn’t look extremely interesting. I think, for me it would be a toss-up between going down the Nile, Ethiopia or the Victoria Falls.

  4. Going down the Nile in February was relaxing. It might be uncrowded if you booked for this coming Feb. We enjoyed the steam boat but it would be wonderful to sail.

  5. Egypt is another place that has long fascinated me. I have a mini-library on Egyptology and, as I think you know, I love steamboats! I will seriously consider next February.

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