Do you have any questions about the making of ‘Swallows & Amazons’

“They’re pirates!” Sophie Neville as Titty

The Telegraph listed ‘Swallows & Amazons’ as Film of the Week when it was broadcast on ITV3 in the UK recently. It was also shown on GEM television in Australia last Friday. Sophie has been answering questions about making the film ‘Swallows & Amazons’ at the Curious Arts Festival. If you have one, please use the comments box below.

On 26th July Sophie Neville, spoke to Dan Damon on the BBC Radio 4 Sunday morning programme ‘Broadcasting House’ about the enduring success of the film. To read more, please click here.

Sophie Neville shaking cocktails

Sophie Neville at the Curious Arts Festival


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32 responses to “Do you have any questions about the making of ‘Swallows & Amazons’

  1. Jon Ford

    Were the scenes filmed in running order, or not?

  2. andrew barr

    Hi Sophie ,do you still see any of the cast

  3. andrew barr

    Always like this film ,its one of those feel good movies of all time

  4. Jon Ford

    Well thanks Sophie for this. It added a whole new dimension to the film.

    I’ll be doing some research and try to get to the charcoal burners set hopefully in around October. It’s the one location I have not been to.

  5. roger rudman

    I noticed some cuts were made in the film today, why would that be?

    • Ah, it is so good to see the newly restored 40th anniversary DVD or Bluray. You see the shots presumably removed by TV censors.

    • They cut one shot of the Amazons’ arrow flying low over our heads. I’m only surprised the film was originally given a U cert.

    • They also cut the scene when Roger is waiting on the Rio jetty. I have no idea why. He blanks the native rather well. Perhaps they needed to cut down the length of the movie a bit to accommodate adverts. Can you think of other shots that were cut? I wasn’t concentrating on the broadcast today as I was answering questions.

  6. Neil Dale

    Hi Sophie,
    This was a real trip down memory lane today. Channel hopping by chance onto the film and a few clicks on the internet to find out more. Whilst perusing your site, I found the picture from lunch at the final auditions for Coot Club. I was actually at that audition (though unsuccessful) and this totally brought back the memories of applying to a random ad in the local paper and having a great deal of fun in the process. I also distinctly remember meeting you and being very impressed that a member of the cast of the original film was there – though with no understanding of what had brought you there! Happy times.

    • Wow, that’s amazing. Which part were you auditioning for in Norwich?

      • Neil Dale

        It was a while back but I remember going out for the Death and Glory boys. I had always been a fan of the series and sailed over most of the Broads in my grandparent’s boat. It is strange how I had not thought of that moment until today but I can strongly remember a scene pretending to be in a classroom and a sort of screen test protesting to the Hullabaloos. Oh, and lunch. I remember sitting eating burgers on the bank overlooking the car park. Also, with a couple of other unsuccessful boys checking out the character height chart that was on one of the walls. I remember cursing my first ever growth spurt that put me right between heights.

        • Ah, you might have been too tall. Do you still live in Norfolk?

          • Neil Dale

            Very kind of you to say so. I just enjoyed being part of the process. I’m happy enough to admit I was a far better sailor than actor 🙂 Sadly, my family moved away from Norfolk over that Summer, so I didn’t hear any more about it after that. I very much enjoyed the series, however. Thanks for taking the time to reply.

            • Revelation Film have brought our a newly restored 30th anniversary DVD of ‘Coot Club’. You can find details on my Swallows and Amazons page if you scroll down a bit. You’ll recognise some of the locations.

  7. Neil Dale

    Wow! That will be interesting. Wonder how it will compare? Something about the 70s captured a lot of the feel of the Ransome books, so will be interesting to see how it turns out. All the best.

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