Swallows and Amazons mugs


For some time now, I’ve had a Swallows and Amazons mug at home, which I use to keep my pens in. Featuring the design of the Jonathan Cape book jacket, it was given to me by Scruffie Buchanan who stocked the full set of Arthur Ransome mugs in her shop in Malta, aptly called The Museum of Childhood. I treasure it as a part of mine.


Not long ago I was presented with this handsome mug from Hill Top cottage at Ealinghearth, by Stephen and Janine Sykes when they showed me around the Ransome’s last home, which they have been restoring in the Lake District.

The Swallow is moored in Secret Harbour

I’ve just discovered that it is possible to buy mugs depicting scenes from the film of Swallows & Amazons (1974)

Captain Flint walks the plank

There are various scenes, but if you want to drink to Captain Flint walking the plank, you can.

Swallows & Amazons film poster on a mug

My favourite design shows the film poster of Swallows & Amazons, which comes in two ways.

Swallows & Amazons poster on a mug

There are a variety of other stills from the film to chose from. These mugs and other movie merchandise such as mouse-mats, jigsaw puzzles and framed prints can be purchased from StudioCanal, the film’s distributors, who have an online shop.

The most beautiful range of Swallows and Amazons china including mugs featuring the map from the book are now available from Nauticalia. Click here for details on The Arthur Ransome Trust website.

Please let me know if you know of any other Swallows & Amazons mugs and where they can be found in the comments below.




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17 responses to “Swallows and Amazons mugs

  1. Jill G

    Hello friend Sophie – can I have a tiny rant? I too have an S&A mug, of a useful sturdy size, but when I bought it I was shocked to see that the inscription on the side had the later description – a true account, certainly – of the young AR and his affection for the lake. But the original inscription by AR in S&A read ‘To the six for whom it was written in exchange for a pair of slippers’. So much hangs on that fragile dedication, which was spiked by AR in later editions because he had a brief feeling that the Altounyans were making too much of their identities as the Swallows. Almost the other way round, really, as the girls – esp Titty – suffered a lot at school as a result; but there was a cooling, and the inscription (re the slippers, which we all know about) got changed.

  2. Mike D

    I am lucky to have the set of four (a Christmas present!) but last time I looked for them they were hard to come by and on e-bay fetching high prices – I’ve never seen any other designs.

  3. I have also been searching high and low for the book cover mugs but have had no luck; really hope they do reissue them!

  4. Steve M

    I must get one of those mugs! I was on the Studio Canal site the other day and didn’t see gift items but they do market some superb colour and b/w images from the film. Very tempting!

    • If you play with the side bars you can order a sepia version of the images or poster, which looks good. You can get phone covers and everything. They are not cheap but StudioCanal own the copyright to the images so you can’t exactly make your own. In time these could prove collector’s items.

  5. Steve M

    You’re right! I can get any of the advertised images on a mug, a fridge magnet, a key chain, or even a t-shirt! Clever marketing! Thanks Sophie!

  6. Phil

    I had a mug of WDMTGTS. It was my favourite but got “borrowed” and never returned (in fact the act was totally denied). Kept looking but – as mentioned – just not available now.
    Wish they were reissued. I’d get them and make sure they didn’t go missing.

  7. Peter Yearsley

    I was given three of these Swallows and Amazons book cover mugs a few years ago, but am, sadly, down to one due to breakages. They were then made by “Art Meets Matter”, which no longer seems to be involved in mugs. Searching today, I found http://www.theropeshack.com/theropeshack/item_detail.php?item363=Swallows%20and%20Amazons%20Mug%20Collection I don’t know when their page was updated, but supposedly they do sets of four mugs and are just out of stock. I’ve sent them a note via their site asking to be told when I can buy. It’s good to be able to get them again.

  8. Nauticalia now sell a new and quite pricey version; they look nice though!

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