Questions asked of a writer

Sophie Neville in the tropics

Me, Sophie Neville, in tropical debate

No matter where I am in the world, not a day goes by without someone, somewhere asking a question or sending a message in connection with my writing. I am hugely grateful for the encouragement.

In many ways, ‘The Making of Swallows & Amazons’ was written by popular request, effectively commissioned by hundreds of people who wanted to know how it felt to appear in the film, albeit forty years ago.

It has to be said that was a little apprehensive about the questions I might be asked on Matthew Wright’s show, broadcast live on Channel 5 – for two hours.  If you are feeling brave, click here to see a profile on The Wright Stuff.

They wanted to know about the idea of children being allowed the freedom to take risks and enjoy their own adventures away from civilisation.

“… if it’s possible to have a Swallows and Amazons childhood these days – and if today’s kids would actually have the skills to survive. “

If you have views on the subject or want to see more on outdoor pursuits discussed on the programme email:

Sophie Neville If not Duffers.


You may need Windows 8 to watch it but the whole programme can be viewed here: 

The first section is about the film ‘Swallows & Amazons’

Author: Sophie Neville

Writer and charity fundraiser

18 thoughts on “Questions asked of a writer”

  1. Sadly I’m going to be driving to Coniston when it’s on perhaps you could post a clip or link so that those of us who missed it live can catch up good luck.

    1. I’ll record it- but am not sure of the copyright implications of then posting a clip on-line.

      It would be best if you emailed the programme asking for the S&A discussion to be featured in a clip on their site.

      Have a lovely time on Coniston. Swallow is at the Glenridding Sailing Centre on Ullswater until Thurs/Friday when we are hoping someone will tow her down to Cobnor.

  2. Hello Sophie – me too not able to listen! as I’m as usual in a hole in the ground in Turkey. But I’m pleased to hear that today is international left-handers’ day.
    Loving all your posts as always – you are a national treasure …..

  3. Sophie
    Just watched your parts of the Wright Stuff (recorded it this morning) and was impressed by you (were you struggling with a cold?) and pleasantly surprised by Matthew Wright’s views (when I saw you were going to be on the programme I did think they may give you a hard time!)
    Your book is a great read, I’d already got the ebook version but you can’t beat a physical book! Very entertaining, and a great insight in to how films are made.

        1. Thanks so much. It will be a huge encouragement to Marisa who spent hours on the lay-out.

          I took an anti-histamine for breakfast but it often happens. It’s one reason why I didn’t try to make a career for myself in front of the camera.

  4. Sadly I missed the programme too. I hope your allergies are able to be under better control now, with the newer anti-histamines now available.

      1. I’m very pleased to hear it. My own asthma and hay-fever is usually very well controlled now, and I am allergic to most things under the sun!

          1. Thank you; it can be, but it is mostly under control really well. I can now spend days with my son’s cats and my daughter’s dog, for instance, with no trouble at all. I couldn’t have said that a few years ago.

            1. I can’t get anywhere near most cats. Being near tigers and lions can be horrific. I understand the allergy is to a mite that can live in the fur, so some individuals are fine, but people do not usually dip their cats for mites.

              1. We had a succession of cats and my asthma was really terrible. We didn’t suspect the connection until our last one was killed and we decided not to have any more. My asthma improved enormously! I got tested and I’m allergic to cats, dogs, house dust, house dust mite, tree pollen, grass pollen! I think they gave up testing me after that! I think you are right about it being a mite in the fur. I’m okay with most things now, thanks to loratadine, Beckatide and Salbutamol.

    1. The only one I take regularly for allergies/asthma is Beckatide, an inhaler, one puff morning and night. The others I take only when needed, which is not very often these days, thankfully. I’m like you, I don’t like taking any medication, but I’m taking a lot less now than I used to, which is pleasing.

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