Bestsellers from Sophie Neville ~

 Since promoting my books at the London Book Fair, great things have been happening ~ we have made it into the rank of ‘Bestselling Books’.

Funnily Enough has raced up the charts, and at the time of writing is in the upper Top Ten for Humour.

ebook cover

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Ride the Wings of Morning is selling well. It is about the ‘Swallows and Amazons’ type of lifestyle that I led in Southern Africa after leaving the BBC. It is a book of letters, illustrated with sketches and maps that are in keeping with the inheritance Titty left me. Richard Pilbrow, the Producer of the movie Swallows and Amazons has kindly reviewed it ~ please see Reviews page

Ride the Wings of Morning by Sophie Neville


My memoir about working in film and television is now out as an ebook on amazon Kindle and all online retailers for £2.99

Author: Sophie Neville

Writer and charity fundraiser

19 thoughts on “Bestsellers from Sophie Neville ~”

  1. You must let me know what you think! ‘Ride the Wings of Morning’ is only just out today. The first hardbacks arrived in a van on Friday ~ very exciting. It is not about ‘Swallows and Amazons’ but it is about the life I went on to lead, which was very much inspired by Arthur Ransome and perhaps the ‘Far Distant Oxus’ books he promoted.

  2. Got Funnily Enough and thank you very much ! Ride the Wings of Morning is on but only available to UK residents, and they won’t let me download it.

    1. Are you in the USA?
      It should be OK on – I have had sales and free downloads… About 300 show up on the sales report.
      A freind of mine e-mailed yesterday from Conneticut to say he has his (purchased) copy. It takes a while to download as there are illustrations – lots.
      Let me know if you still have problems.
      I hope you enjoy Funnily Enough!

    2. I’ve checked, and see that ‘Ride the Wings of Monring’ is selling on Kindle in the US. It may take a while to download as there are quite a lot of illustrations. You may need a little more memory space. Funnily Enough reached Number 2 in the free UK Kindle Store Bestseller list with about 240 down-loads an hour, so am reverberating with excitement – and so grateful for all the support.

    3. Hi Dave, did you manage to download a copy of ‘Ride the Wings of Morning’ from Please let me know if you had any problems as I have to contact them on another point. I hope you are enjoying ‘Funnily Enough’. You must let me know what you think.

  3. Both ‘Funnily Enough’ and ‘Ride the Wings of Morning’ are brilliant, first class books. I am enjoying the 2nd edition of ‘Funnily Enough’ right now. Might a 2nd edition of ‘Ride the Wings…’ be appearing in the future?

          1. That would be good, I would certainly buy a copy. But a real book in the hand would be even better!

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