A is for Action – All set for the Race for Reading 2022

Sophie Neville taking part in Race for Reading run by the charity SchoolReaders

A – is for Action and The Race for Reading has officially begun!

We’re asking you to step up for children’s literacy!

Over the next 80 days, supporters around the world will run, cycle, swim, row and walk to raise funds for the national charity Schoolreaders. They are encouraging litter-pickers to join their virtual race.

Spring Clean the coastline with Keep Britain Tidy

As an ambassador for Keep Britian Tidy, I have been litter-picking as I walk along the coast, cleaning beaches and shorelines of the United Kingdom on the Great British Spring Clean from 25th March to 10th April. I’m happy to extend this until 19th June 2022 when Schoolreaders virtual race ends.

Please click her for my Schoolreaders Just Giving page if you would like to sponsor me.

Last year, a total of over 34,000 miles was covered by the registered participants. I kept a tally of miles walked while litter picking, clocking up 32 miles. My distance covered was not very impressive – but collecting flotsam takes time and my bucket can get heavy.

Litter collected whilst walking along the Solent shore

Somewhere I have a tally of the amount of rubbish collected. I certainly took a lot of photos. I’m hoping friends will join me this year as I’m aiming to walk a lot further.

I’m not sure if I will find anything that relates to books or reading but it is possible.

I quite often find reading glasses when I’m litter picking

If you would like to support children’s reading in the UK there are many ways you can do so:

Litter being collected on a coastal path

Funds raised will provide weekly one-to-one reading support sessions from Schoolreaders volunteers across the country. We are hoping to be able to help over 2,500 children who may have fallen behind with their reading during Lockdown.

Sophie Neville in the Ra
Raising funds for SchoolReaders

Author: Sophie Neville

Writer and charity fundraiser

9 thoughts on “A is for Action – All set for the Race for Reading 2022”

  1. Schoolreaders is a fantastic and very important organisation which deserves all the support we can give. I will certainly be supporting in some way during Race for Reading 2022.

      1. I’m not surprised you feel a bit daunted. But it’s for a great cause and I know you will succeed in your aims. I’m sorry I live too far away to be able to walk with you and help you but I will be doing something, I promise.

  2. It’s great to see people picking up litter and cleaning the areas in which we live. For the most part the city in which I live is kept pretty clean. Now mostly what I see on the ground is discarded face masks. Too much irony in that for me so I gotta laugh when I see those.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out Battle of the Bands

    1. Thanks for writing in. The discarded mask phenomena is extraordinary. Most litter is covered in people’s DNA – cigarette butts, empty bottles and cans. It’s surprising we are not facing a bacterial pandemic.

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