What Sophie did next –

TWT Ride 2018 Sophie Neville with 14 riders

The 4th Waterberg Trust Challenge Ride, which set off on 21st January 2018, proved fast, fun and fulfilling. Thanks go to all those who sponsored me on Justgiving.com and helped me to raise funds in other ways.

TWT Ride 2018 Sophie Neville with giraffe at Ant's Nest - photo Ant Baber

Crossing the game reserves of South Africa was a joy, especially since we encountered a number of newborn animals.

TWT Ride 2018 with zebra - photo Ant Baber

50% of funds raised go to Save The Waterberg Rhino to support the war against wildlife poaching.

TWT Ride 2018 photographing rhinos

50% of funds go to community projects that uplift the people of the region. You can see more photos of the projects supported here

TWT Riders 2018 learing about community projects in the Waterberg

Riders paid their own travel costs. We had a great team who’d worked hard on both their fitness and fundraising.

TWT Ride 2018 cantering up to Jembisa

Some days were long but we were blessed with good weather. When the going got tough, we dismounted and walked.

TWT Ride 2018 dismounting to tackle a steep hill - photo Sophie Neville

Seven different game reserves were traversed in six days, with 187kms being clocked up on the GPS.

TWT Ride 2018 coming to the end - photo Ant Baber

I felt hugely encouraged by everyone who supported me on social media and returned with dreams of exploring further afield. You can see more photos of the ride on The Waterberg Trust website.

TWT Ride 2018 Sophie Neville against sunset



What you can do to help

Sophie Neville with Save The Waterberg Rhino game scouts

Author: Sophie Neville

Writer and charity fundraiser

9 thoughts on “What Sophie did next –”

  1. This looks like a fabulous trip for a very worthy cause. Congratulations to you and the other riders. And thank you, Sophie, for sharing it with us.

    1. We hope to organise another challenge ride as soon as the restrictions lift, riding with elephant, rather than rhino, through a game reserve in Southern Botswana.

        1. I’m sure you could begin, but this will be challenging for advanced riders! Do think of staying in the Waterberg though. Safari companies such as Jembisa and Ant’s Nest offer wonderful game viewing for non-riders.

          1. I would love to, and I will seriously think about staying in the Waterberg and taking advantage of non-horse-riding safaris. Nineteen years ago I spent 3 days of a two week tour of South Africa in Kruger Park and have never forgotten how brilliant it was.

              1. It looks fabulous from your photos. I really hope I can pay it a visit.

  2. It is a direct but quite long flight to Johannesburg. I driver meets you and take you three hours north into the African bush. I always advise people to go when there is nothing happening in the UK – so maybe think of going in January or Feb 2022 when restrictions will hopefully relax.

    1. Thank you for the tip. I will certainly give this some serious thought as I would love to see the place. In 2002 we flew out to Cape Town and back from Johannesburg; I remember them being long flights.

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