Sophie Neville has been talking about her books in the open air

Girl with otter
It all started when I was asked to speak to the W.I. about ‘Living with Otters’

On Sunday 8th May, we had an Open Day at Bakers Mill in the Cotswolds where everyone was invited to come for picnic by the lake.

Rudi was hand-reared so is very tame

My mother, Daphne Neville, gave a Q&A on otters and I began signing books.

My diary about living with two tame otters

It was held in aid of the local wildlife rescue. Rudi the Otter was in residence.

Funnily Enough by Sophie Neville

Add a message in the comments below if you are able to come!

Funnily Enough
The location of ‘Funnily Enough’

Author: Sophie Neville

Writer and charity fundraiser

2 thoughts on “Sophie Neville has been talking about her books in the open air”

  1. I had, as you know, the great pleasure of meeting Rudi (and, of course, your Mother) last Saturday and was treated to a wonderful afternoon. I am very sorry I won’t be able to go to the Open Day this Sunday; I would so love to have heard your talk and to have said ‘hello’ to Rudi again. I strongly urge anyone that can to take up this fabulous opportunity and to meet the adorable Rudi. I look forward to seeing him and Mrs. Neville again sometime in the future and I wish the Open Day every success.

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